Sunday, October 4, 2015

September reading and a few odds and ends

One of my 2015 goals was to read two (non work related) books per month and write about them on my blog.  Publicly stating my goal has made me push harder to achieve it.  I'm reading more than I have in years!  You can read about January-August here.

This month I only read one book.  Life got in the way of reading, I guess.  This month I read:

Two Graves by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
This book was in the thriller genre.  Apparently it's part of a series, but I didn't realize that until I pulled it up on Amazon to share the link here.  So needless to say you could read this book independent of the rest and not feel like you're missing part of the plot.  Speaking of the plot, it was a bit outlandish, but I liked it, even if it did drag at points (100 pages and one whole character could have been cut out of this book without losing anything).  I liked the writing style and if I didn't know there were two authors I wouldn't have guessed.  This book was just ok.  I'm glad I decided not to return it to the library before I finished it, because that did cross my mind.

So if my math is correct, this puts me at 19.75 books for the year.  I'm hopeful that I can hit 24 and my two per month average.  :)


We went to a joint birthday party for my husband's niece and nephew yesterday.  At one point all of the women at the party were congregated in the kitchen area.  Every single woman there was a mother or grandmother except me.  And they were talking about all of the things that mothers and grandmothers talk about.  So in a house full of people I felt lonely and invisible because I didn't have anything to contribute (and I didn't really care to listen).


I recently bought this pillow after about a week of waking up with a really sore neck that eventually spread to my back, shoulders, etc.  It's amazing!  First, it really supports my head and neck without feeling like my head is sinking into the pillow and my neck pain is gone.  Second, it is so cool, unlike previous memory foam pillows that I've had, which made me so hot (and this was before hot flashes/night sweats).  I spent more money on this pillow then I normally would spend on a pillow, but I can already say that it was worth every penny!  Dare I say, I'm even sleeping a bit better.


I went shopping at a big box store today because we needed some things that aren't in the regular grocery and they had Christmas displays out.  It's not even Halloween yet, damn it.


  1. I feel you on the party. Personally, I find those feelings of invisibility overwhelming. I was once at a more adult party - the holiday party for our restaurants to be precise. It was three years into trying to conceive for us, and during those three years pretty much everyone who worked for us had popped out at least one. At one point the women were all on a couch giggling, drooling and cooing over baby pictures. I went out on the deck with my port, got a cigar from one of the men and stood to the side and puffed. They seemed a little awkward at first but adjusted and eventually drew me into their conversation.

    I have been seriously considering purchasing power tools because A) our fixer upper home is rife with molding mishaps that are too petty to hire someone for and B) as an infertile, being able to discuss power tools could come in damn handy in certain social situations.

    1. Power tools knowledge could definitely come in handy. Same for basic car repairs and general sports knowledge.

      Also, I love the image of you puffing on a cigar with the guys! Oddly enough this particular day I ended up in the living room with my sister in law's dad talking about which style of barbecue is best.