Thursday, December 3, 2015

Just when I think that she doesn't get it at all.... mom posts this article on Facebook.  While we have a mostly good relationship, it isn't exactly one that is close, and really she hasn't given many indications that she's trying to understand what I'm going through.  But this shows that maybe she's trying to get it.

It was subtle, just shared without any explanation, but she shared it, and that means something to me.  I'm also thankful that she didn't mention or tag me and hubs in it, not because I mind people knowing, but because it's not her role to share (though she's violated this trust before).

Granted, her next post was something about spoiling her grandkids, but whatever.  Baby steps.


  1. I am happy for your mum, that she gets it. I am happy for you.

  2. Well done, Steve! You are my first ever spam comment! It only took 116 posts over 17 months....ahhhh, the run was good while it lasted. Thanks for the invite to check out your blog but based on your comment I don't think it's up my alley. Have a great day!

  3. Though I can't speak for anyone else, it took my family time to come around. That they are supportive now did not come without arguments between us, accusations of me losing my compassion (my favorite!!) and plenty of eye rolls from me. I'm so glad your Mom posted that piece.

    1. I'm glad she did too. Just a little something to show that she actually cares at least a little bit and evidence that she's trying to get it.

      I haven't been accused of losing my compassion, but I have been accused of being dramatic.

  4. Ha! Just when you thought you had your mum’s measure.
    Good on her and good for you that she seems to be trying to understand your experience.

  5. Nobody can take the place of Mum. She is brilliant role model of life.