Friday, December 18, 2015

An early Christmas present for Hubs

This post does not contain any spoilers about the new Star Wars movie.  People who spoil it for everyone else are jerks.  I am not a jerk.

Hubs is a huge Star Wars fan.  I am not.  Frankly, I find them boring.  But he was so excited about the new movie that I bought us IMAX 3D tickets for opening night and surprised him with them as an early Christmas present.  The showing was last night.  He was like a little kid.  He obsessed over which Star Wars t-shirt he was going to wear (yes, he owns more than one) and then picked out one for me to wear (Darth Vader in a Santa hat).  Once we got to the theater, two hours before movie time,  he totally geeked out in line talking to all of the people about the old movies, predictions for the new movie, etc.  I smiled and nodded politely as I had nothing to add to the conversation (many thanks to infertility for helping me refine this skill!).  The theater was packed and it was probably a good thing that we got there as early as we did or else we may not have been able to sit together.  There were people dressed up like jedis and storm troopers and other characters that I can't even pretend to know who they were or talk about them intellegently, which actually made me feel a bit better about hubs' Star Wars t-shirt collection, and the movie theater management had contests to win free crap.  Everyone was well behaved and the only kids in the theater were kids who were able to appreciate the movie in it's entirety without annoying everyone else, so that was nice too.  It was was actually a lot of fun to be a part of!

He loved the movie and can't wait to see it again.  I didn't hate the movie, which is about as high of praise as you're going to get from me about anything Star Wars related, and I would probably tolerate seeing it again.

Last night was honestly one of those "silver linings of infertility" sort of nights.  We were able to pre-order tickets without worrying about booking a babysitter.  We didn't have to worry about being home by a certain time.  Once we got home we didn't have to put anyone to bed.  We were responsible for ourselves and no one else.  I can't help but think that if we had kids, seeing Star Wars on opening night probably wouldn't have been an option for us.


  1. Star Wars? Haven’t seen any of them (should I be admitting to that?). It’s nice to have a hobby or interest that you (or in your case your husband) can totally immerse yourself into. My sci fi leanings only go as far as Star Trek(Next Gen and Voyager) and Thunderbirds (throwback to childhood – early Sat mornings eating breakfast and watching Thunderbirds – now that was a carefree time in my life!)

    The silver linings are there to be had. I guess it’s learning to recognise them for what they are and not just as a distraction that might keep us busy for a few hours. It is nice to be able to basically do what you want, when you want and not feel guilty about it, appreciating that we have that freedom with our time and our money.

    1. I haven't seen any of the first six (I think) movies either, so I pass no judgement about you having not seen them. :) I love Star Trek (Voyager is my absolute favorite) and I cant' wait until the new Star Trek movie comes out! I've never heard of Thunderbirds! I'll have to look it up!

      You are so right..learning to recognizing the silver linings and acknowledge them is a huge part it!

    2. If you go looking, if only for a laugh(Thunderbirds), you want the British series made in the 1960s. Don’t be too judgemental, after all we were only kids ;)
      Life was simple and so were our tastes!

  2. Sorry. Thought I'd responded to this - but was probably the annoying iPad failing me!

    Glad you had a lovely night out!