Thursday, December 24, 2015

A melancholy Christmas Eve

I want to write something profound or memorable, but I've got nothing.  Nothing I seem to write says what I want it to say.

It's Christmas Eve (at least for another hour or so).  This year I am embracing my melancholy feelings.  I decided that it's unfair to myself to try to force myself to feel cheerful, fall short, and then beat myself up for it.  Even more important than acknowledging that this is how I feel is acknowledging that it's ok to feel this way.  These simple acknowledgements bring me peace, and that's a good thing.

So my Christmas wish for all of you is for peace in your life.  For contentment.  For satisfaction.  I hope that everyone has a good holiday tomorrow and that it isn't hard.  Tomorrow is just one day....we can all get through it. 


  1. wishing you all the best for Christmas!

  2. You know what I realised today? It’s the preparation that starts months before, the build up that seems to start in September each year, advising us to get in early for Christmas, that’s what gets me more and more agitated as the weeks fly by. You mention that feeling of forcing yourself to be cheerful. We have that heaved upon us in the carols, in the commercials, even family and friends telling us to be happy because it’s that time of year.

    So for me, today was going back to the basics of the day – a family meal – which we enjoy several times a year anyway, with maybe a few extra tidbits on the side. I could work with that. It was good. Previous Christmases haven’t all been like that, and who knows about the Christmases still to come?

    It’s late evening here, the hubby has gone to visit his brother to continue ‘making merry’. The neighbours and their visitors have settled, the cockatoos in the reserve next door have found their evening perches and shushed their screeching (thank god), I am looking at a beautiful full moon, albeit with a glass of wine in hand, and I am wishing you contentment and peace too.

    My biggest shock of the day - The hubby wants to go shopping at the sales tomorrow! We NEVER go Sales shopping. I hate shopping (yeah, a woman who hates shopping – talk about a double whammy)! He’s had his eye on something for a while and saw the sale price online today so we’re off to battle the crowds in the morning :-(

    1. How did shopping with hubby go? If my hubs suggested going shopping on the day after Christmas, I'd suggest a visit to the hospital, because something obviously wouldn't be right with him. Also, I hate shopping!

      You are so right about the build up to Christmas. It's like we're bombarded with it for three months. We focused on the basics too, and it was perfect for us!

    2. I'm with you on the months-long buildup. :p I ADORE Christmas, but seriously, they were starting to put out Christmas stuff on the store shelves & play Christmas music before Halloween was even over. Hallmark stores set up their ornament displays in JULY. It's RIDICULOUS. I think it can all wait until mid-November. Anyway, I am belatedly catching up on my blog reading & commenting, & I hope Christmas was kind to you. (((hugs)))

  3. Ha! We rocked it! It was the first year the suburban shopping centres were allowed to open (usually restricted to the major city centres only). We arrived early - (?? Well, early for an Aussie public holiday anyway) and I think we were in there all of 45 minutes. First stop was at the techo store to get the new gizmo, and then hubby also spied a pair of shoes on sale that he bought for work. Me, I got nothin’…to be honest though, I wasn’t really looking for anything ;-)

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