Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday miscellany

  • This morning I woke up around 4:45am.  Which was actually sleeping in a bit compared to yesterday.  Waking up between 4-5am has become somewhat of a trend for me over the last two months or so to the extent that I no longer bother trying to fall back to sleep.
  • I usually try to avoid the rabbit hole that is "how my life would be different if I had kids" but today, for some reason, I can't avoid it.
  • One of my goals for 2015 was to read at least two books every month.  I've already read two for January!  I might get a third in before the month is over too!
  • I was an hour late to work today (technically I set my own schedule so I wasn't really late, just later than I wanted to be) because apparently it was supposed to snow this morning.  And rain, and freezing rain.  From about 5-9am.  Also, apparently the state department of transportation felt the need to close one lane of a major bridge during rush hour.  So my 15 mile drive was a blazingly fast 90 minutes.  Not a productive use of my time, that's for sure.
  • I was supposed to have my annual GYN appointment yesterday afternoon.  But then a meeting that I couldn't get out of was scheduled so I had to reschedule the appointment.  They rescheduled for the beginning of February, which chances are decent that I will have to reschedule again.  I should mention that scheduling an appointment of this nature amounts to a crapshoot for me with somewhat unpredictable cycles and extended periods of spotting.  The scheduling lady was not amused when I told her to just schedule the next available appointment and I would cancel it if I needed to.  Oh well.
  • Pregnant sister 1 is due in a month.  Her baby shower is in two weeks.  I'm not going, even if I have to fake being sick. Childish?  Maybe.  Probably.  Do I care?  Not one bit.



  1. Well done on the reading front!

    I think at the moment you are wise to avoid the baby shower. We don't have them in NZ (want to immigrate?), so I only know what I see on the media or hear on blogs. They sound horrific! What I'd do is make a date to see your sister separately (before rather than after), give her a gift then, and you could use the excuse that you don't want your gift to be lost amongst all the others, because you're her sister, and will be a special auntie.

    The other thing you could consider is giving your sister a gift that is for HER, rather than for the baby. I did this when a friend had a baby when I was still recovering from my second ectopic pregnancy, and was very fragile emotionally. I knew she was going to get plenty for the baby, so I chose some really nice shower wash and body cream for her, that would remind her she was a woman rather than only a mother, and that she deserved some pampering too. She very much appreciated it (though she was always very sensitive to me and my situation too). It showed I was thoughtful, and it meant I avoided having to go to baby shops!

    1. Your observations about baby showers are correct. Even before infertility I preferred dental work to attending a baby shower! I always said that I would never have one, but obviously I shouldn't have wasted time thinking about that. Immigrating to NZ sounds very appealing....

      Buying a gift for my sister sounds like a good idea. Right now I'm not really feeling strong enough to venture into a baby store or even to browse for baby gifts online. I can also resort to the highly impersonal gift card option if I need to.