Tuesday, February 24, 2015

They just keep coming....

Pregnancy announcements, that is.

One of my college roommates announced pregnancy number two to me and another college roommate yesterday in a private message on Facebook, complete with a scan picture.  Both people she announced to have infertility issues; I obviously chose to live without children and the other friend and her husband chose to adopt.  The friend that announced knows all of this.  I appreciated the in advance announcement but scan pictures are always pretty hard for me.

So I did what any self-respecting infertile would do and responded in a passive-agressive, slightly snarky manner.  I poured a big glass of wine, took a picture of it, sent it to the friend, and offered toast to her good news.  This friend loves wine and won't be drinking it for the better part of a year so I thought it was fitting to share a picture that she didn't really want to see in response to her sending me a picture that I didn't really want to see.  I'm probably a jerk. :)


  1. dear BnB,
    I am almost 10 years older than you are. If this is any consolation: after certain amount of time there is much less pregnancy announcements. And they hurt less.

    1. I don't want to wish my life away, but I almost can't wait until I hit 40 just so there are fewer announcements. Hurting less would be nice too! I think I'm doing a lot better (right now, at least) because I read the announcement, was sad for maybe an hour, and then shook it off. Six months ago I know I would have been depressed for a week or two.

  2. Lol! That was a good response!!

    Scan pictures are a particular trigger for me. I've only ever had scans to diagnose problems - my ectopic pregnancies for example, to cancel an IVF cycle, or to diagnose fibroids and prescribe a hysterectomy. I find scan pictures to be unnecessary, and important only for the parents-to-be. I don't know if you've heard my story of emailing good friends offshore to tell them of my second ectopic (they didn't know about my first, but I updated them at the same time) - it was part of a Christmas message - how joyous! - only to receive a response saying "sorry to hear that, but we're pregnant, and attached is our scan!" Needless to say I deleted the email, and never opened the attachment.

    1. People never cease to amaze me. I can't even believe that they would do that. They were excited, as they should be, but they picked a really terrible time to tell you.

      Scan pictures are a trigger for me too, as well as positive pregnancy tests (because I had so many negatives over the years and never a single positive).