Sunday, April 15, 2018


I despise clothes shopping with the passion of 10,000 firey suns.  I have exactly zero fashion sense, am painfully cheap, and am a difficult fit (especially for pants).  Admitting that I need to go shopping takes a while,  psyching myself to actually go is a process, and a pants shopping trip usually ends (unsuccessfully) with tears and/or cursing.  Needless to say, my work wardrobe consists of almost exclusively black trousers and lightweight shirts (because I also have zero tolerance for being hot).

I went shopping on Saturday.  For pants.  It ended with no pants, a lot of cursing/self-depreciation, and a six-pack of pineapple ale.  Well, technically a six-pack plus one additional can because we have antiquated laws about alcohol in my state and we have to buy beer by the bottle or the case, and the bottle shop that I buy at gives you a seventh can for a penny.

Note to self: Banish the thought of "I haven't gone shopping at (store name) for a while now.  I should try there." out of my mind and go to where I know the clothes fit.

Why did I go shopping?  Because I'm participating in a marketing photo shoot for work tomorrow. "Participating" makes it sound like this is a voluntary activity, but really it's not.  And I am the least photogenic person on the face of the earth.  I am looking forward to it like I look forward to dental work.

I thought that a new outfit might make me feel good, or at least a little bit better about this stupid photo shoot.   But it was not meant to be.  Ugh.

But anyway, that's not what I want to write about.

I want to write about the fact that there were advisements all over the store about Mother's Day.  Holy Hell.  Mother's Day isn't for a full month.  It's nothing more than a profit scheme for the greeting card companies holiday.  The store I was at sells clothing for women, men, children, juniors, etc.

When I saw the first advertisement, my eye roll was so hard that I damn near had a seizure.   I was so annoyed. 

I suppose this is an improvement over previous years, however.

But yeah, it looks like we (at least those of us here in the US) have a full month of advertising for a holiday that doesn't apply to us ahead of us!  Pass the pineapple ale!


  1. Really?!?! How is this already being advertised?!?

    And why didn’t you tell me you went clothes shopping?!!!!! I would have funded the scotch and snarky texts.

  2. I already wrote in my planner "Do not go to a restaurant" for that day. In case I forget, I don't want to end up in a place with a bunch of families with kids on a families with kids oriented day.

  3. UGGGHHH. They started putting Mother's Day cards out here in MARCH at our local Hallmark store. It is the WORST. And what does clothes shopping have to do with Mother's Day? Marketing ploy! I'm sorry that you had a crappy shopping experience, although pineapple ale sounds AMAZING. I pretty much do all my shopping through Stitch Fix now, because it comes to my house and I don't have to go to the circle of hell that is the mall. Online too, if they have easy returns and I have tried things on in the store at other times. I hope the photo shoot goes without incident and you are happy with the results. Group photos are so tricky...I'm usually the person looking the wrong way or with my chin down (chins?) or eyes closed, or crazy-eyed. Hard to get everyone just right... Wishing you luck, and avoidance of as much Mother's Day crap as possible in the next few weeks!

  4. Oh yes, they've started Mother's Day advertising here too. Ugh. I usually hibernate on the date, but this year it's my husband's birthday, so I'll have to figure out what to do. (We always go out for dinner.)

    And you're much more photogenic than I am. Hope the photoshoot went okay.

  5. On one hand it’s crazy that retailers start pushing holidays a month in advance. On the other hand, my Step MIL is a small business owner and it’s hard I understand why they try to hustle business any way they can. Personally I think I always hear about Mother’s Day first via blogs lol. Last year I asked for a hot dog/ marshmallow roast and invited my mom! It was fun so I think I’ll do the same this year.

  6. Ugh, I am with you on the clothes shopping. End of summer I bought 3 pairs of LLBeans "perfect fit pants" which are like, elastic waistbank, look like dress pants but feel like sweat pants etc. which was nice for awhile but now I feel slovenly. However I ate all my winter feelings and now I don't want to even go looking for new spring clothes. It's a drag man. Also with you on those PA beer laws, just want to buy 2 different 12 packs at the grocery store in one transaction. I have nothing to say about mothers day, I've already told my family I'm not going to staten island again until June, they will just have to cope with my bad attitude.